Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Raptors Rising by Anjali Joshi | Book Review

So are you ready to delve into a dark, twisted mind? Yes? Well then, Let’s get started…shall we? The murder came easy; merely an opening gambit. A mesmerizing erotic snuff film, the perfect mix of domination and seduction, sizzles across the secret screens of a chosen few across the globe. Then disappears as though it never existed. The unknown killer, an Alpha woman of beauty and incredible skills, rakes in millions. She has turned murder into art. She is an elite brand with devout followers. A Raptor who rises out of the dark web and seems to dissipate back into it. A hound is let loose after her, a cop. He watches hardened professionals daydream of becoming her next target. Each somehow believes he will better her. He realizes he is no different. Even as the cop craves to be her target, she puts him in the cross-hairs. Little does she know that he too is a Raptor waiting to rise from the dark. The duel is on.