Gaia's Revenge by J A Browne | Book Review


Gaia, the Mother of All Nature has been poisoned. Her fevers are wreaking havoc and mass destruction across the worlds. Hannah has discovered a destiny she knew nothing about. A sacred bloodline under threat. Now, she’ll discover a world and a heritage she could never have imagined. As the heiress to Gaia and with growing power it falls to her and the Elementals, Constance, Jack and Harriet to save Gaia and all of life itself. As Hannah bids to save Gaia, she makes a terrifying realisation: Gaia will stop at nothing to get her revenge.


J. A. Browne

Release date:

22 September, 2021

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 348 Pages

When i finally got to read the much awaited sequel to Hannah and the Hollow Tree, it was everything i expected and even more!

The author has done it again with her way of storytelling and characters you can't help but fall in love with. It's deeply atmospheric and events unfold before the reader's eyes as if in a movie. It really is just what I needed to take me away.

The title is appropriate for the content and creates a curiosity about the book. The blurb is okay and further discloses about the content of the book. The characters were all well-drawn and I loved them. It has just enough true aspects to make the entire story seem real.

The series is filled with fascinating characters, an intriguing storyline and a bucket load of action... What else could you ask for? I would definitely recommend, happy reading everyone!


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