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Monday, 20 August 2018

Holistic Tatv Radiant Skin Essential Kit | Review

About Brand:

At Holistic Tatva, we look at day to day concerns and provide simple and holistic solutions for skin care needs. Our endeavor is to make these solutions easily accessible, convenient to use and sustainable not just for our skin, but for our lifestyle as well.

 India has a rich Ayurvedic-herbal heritage. All the new technological developments in the domain of modern day cosmetics sciences has not diminished our trust on herbal remedies, even by an iota. The beauty of Indian herbal lineage is in its simplicity, that most of the remedies are easily available in nature, and are part of our everyday life only.

Let’s curate our skin care - our beauty routine with natural and effective ingredients. Natural ingredient improves our skin condition in sustainable manner, without any stress or side effect to skin or to environment.  We are here to support your interest in using natural ingredients in user friendly manner with functional packaging, for daily and weekly skin care regime. To be precise, it’s our age-old knowledge, packed to suit contemporary life style.

Skin care is often misunderstood as mere vanity. Skin is the largest organ of our body, and hence it should be treated as important as any other vital organ if not more. Good Skin, a well taken care of skin, is a sign of good health and healthy lifestyle and all of us must strive to achieve that. (Source: Holistic Tatv)