Monday, 23 November 2015

Skin18 | Website Review 

I am talking about skincare from Korea! brings you all skincare goodness from there.

About Skin18

SKIN18 believes in skincare instead of makeup. 
Skincare products feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin while makeup is considered as a coverage. 
A lady may not have perfect features but still look charming with beautiful skin, imagine a young girl with smaller eyes and big nose will still look good at the age of 18.
Founder of Skin18 concerns about her skin the most, and our mission here is to bring you products that will makes you look forever 18.
It is the best to start your skincare as early as possible but there is never too late just like having exercise for a healthy body.

From The founder of Skin18 (Eugenie Shek)

My skin care habit has been switching between a lots of high end brands that is sold in big cities in China, the United States and Europe.
Recent year, I have changed my skin care routine totally by following the Korean skin care habit after my visit to this country. 
Not only my skin looks vibrant and my fine line diminished, I also have a fatter wallet ever since due to effective skin care product for reasonable prices. 
I realized that Korean skin care and cosmetic are based on natural ingredients and innovative ideas. My sister and I thought of bringing this wonderful routine to the World so that ladies could also enjoy the privilege of spending less and having wonderful skin.

The best thing about them is that they believe in skincare and not in makeup. 
If you have beautiful skin, why would you need to cover up at all!

I received the following face mask sheets:

1Four Season Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask (Whitening Function)

 2. Four Season Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti-wrinkle Function)

3. Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask (Whitening Function)

I did try the Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask and it was a really easy to use mask.
After using this mask my face felt much brighter and super duper moisturized. And now I can't wait to try the other masks.

4.  L'affair Animal Whitening Panda Mask

5. L'affair AQUA 3 step Skin Renewal Mask

6. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (EGF) - Bouncy skin

Be sure to check out those masks from Skin18!

And few samples

1. Ben & Sera JJ-Cream Diamond Whitening One Second

2. Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-aging Project Serum

3. Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-Aging Coating Cream 

I got 6 sheet masks and 3 samples of anti-ageing serums and cream.

Currently they are having a promotional offer in which you can order free face mask sheets by just paying the shipping fees which is very nominal. Of course till the stock last.

You can buy the skin care products from them by going on their website, .

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Do check out You can also follow them on their social media handles:

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Product Description:

This lightweight heavyweight gives even the dullest hair a glossy smooth finish. It's about maximum shine with minimum fuss.


The BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine Spray comes in a mid sized blue metallic can. 

The bottle is really light weight & travel friendly.


        150ml - 550 INR
        30ml - 250 INR

Shelf Life:

24 months


  • It is available on BBLUNT saloons and also available it on online.

How to use:

  • Use on dry hair. 
  • Shake well before use. 
  • Hold can six inches away and spray a light mist evenly around the hair, focusing on mid-length and ends.


  • Affordable 
  • Travel friendly
  • Lightweight Packaging
  • Doesn't weigh down hair or make them dry
  • Easily available
  • Provide instant and natural shine


  • It might smell a bit too strong initially but it dissipates after some time.

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