Wednesday, 31 January 2018

6 Tips To Winterize Your Car

There are several things you can do right now to ensure your car operates successfully throughout the winter months.

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Check the Tires 

Your tires must be properly inflated to ensure you’ll have the best possible traction as you drive along. If you will be using the same tires during the winter months, check the treads to make sure they aren't worn down.

Change Your Oil

Treat your car to fresh oil and a new oil filter in winter. It takes only small amount, but the life you save may be that of your engine. Check your car’s handbook to see what type of oil the manufacturer recommends.

Check the battery

Cold temperatures affect the chemical process inside the battery that produces and stores electricity, effectively slowing it down and reducing its ability to hold a charge.

Keep blankets and warm clothing

Getting stuck by the side of the road due to a breakdown or an accident is never a pleasant experience, but it's far worse in the depths of winter.

Check to see that lights work and headlights are properly aimed

Be prepared for an emergency with the following items:

Ice scraper
Extra clothes
Necessary medications
A first-aid kit

All these changes are useful for operating a motor vehicle in the winter months, but if you do nothing else, include an emergency box in your car.

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Monday, 29 January 2018

My Favorites from Grammy Awards | 2018

A Grammy Award (originally called Gramophone Award), or Grammy, is an honor awarded by The Recording Academy to recognize outstanding achievement in the mainly English-language music industry. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of those awards that have a more popular interest.

Lady Gaga

Rita Ora

How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days | Book Review


You have a dream to achieve. You have that one idea that, if implemented, you know it will add to your success. But you are scared. You have been struggling to overcome the obstacles in your life; these obstacles could be anything or anyone.

This self-help book is your guide to moving forward in your life, to overcome those obstacles in your life, to rid your mind of those negative memories, and bring in new, more positive thought processes. This book is your guide to creating that positive change you need to succeed in life in just 21 days!

It is much more than the collection of the blog posts I had written during my Mission #WUNITT (Wake Up, Now Is The Time). As you read through the book, you will realise that you do not require any particular set of skills to deal with the reasons or things that hinder your growth. All you need is a mindset and a plan to achieve your goals.

- Learn how to feed your mind with a plan
- Learn how to use affirmations to give yourself a boost
- Learn the secrets and benefits of getting up early
- Learn how to boost your self-confidence and self-worth
- Learn how to manage your time effectively

My Favorites Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-Grammy Gala | 2018

Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-Grammy Gala in NYC 01/27/2018.

Priyanka Chopra

Hailee Steinfeld

My Favorites from Warner Music Pre-Grammy Party | 2018

Warner Music Pre-Grammy Party in New York 01/25/2018.

Grace Elizabeth


Janelle Monáe

Juana Burga Cervera


Lexi Wood

Rita Ora

Winnie Harlow 

My Favorites from HT Most Stylish Awards | 2018

Hindustan Times Most Stylish Awards is a star-studded event, which brings the most debonair and fashionable celebrities all under one roof. Every edition celebrates style icons from a variety of fields including Bollywood, Music, Fashion, Theatre, Sports, Business, Hospitality and more. The last edition of HT Most Stylish Awards saw a host of popular personalities come together to raise a toast and celebrate style and glamour.

Mira Rajput

My Favorites from SAG Awards | 2018

The Screen Actors Guild Award (also known as the SAG Award) is an accolade given by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) to recognize outstanding performances in film and primetime television.

Diane Guerrero

Friday, 26 January 2018

Echoes by Neelam Dadhwal | Book Review


Consistency where life frames women in different roles and you feel inhabited.

In such serenity, I sit and think saturated with thoughts. A woman speaking of in her element perennially devises how way further will be for her without the barriers of struggle. Nature is succour. One easily connects with primal action born of thought. As innate as vital energy of mind and body, the poems here touch aspects of womanhood subliminally.

It would not be in woods or meadows far reaching only through echoes, it would beat deep inside throbbing and touching through aspects of life.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Despite Stolen Dreams by Anita Krishnan 


Deep within the Kashmir Valley, a group of terrorists are left stumped as a man they were holding hostage vanishes into thin air with his family from right under their noses. Amidst the dust and grime of Delhi, this man reappears, only to sink back into the obscurity that a teeming metropolitan city offers, even as he grapples with the strange twists and turns of city life. Far away, at the Line of Control, an exchange of fire between the Indian Army and a group of terrorists leaves one man seriously wounded. Stranded and alone atop an icy mountain, he can either die or fight to stay alive. This masterfully crafted tale will take you on a voyage through lives that are divergent, and yet, are interconnected. From the land of chinars, to the pulsating heart of India . . . it will lay bare for you, all the nuances of human emotions, from the darkest of thoughts to, tears, laughter, fear and courage, all indispensable parts of our lives, all inescapable facts of our existence . . .

Friday, 12 January 2018

My Favorites from Marie Claire's Image Maker Awards | 2018 

They are the behind-the-scenes superstars who create red-carpet looks that ricochet across social media. They're the psychologists who soothe pre-event jitters for high-profile clients, the disrupters who mastermind the next big things in beauty and fashion, and the MacGyvers who smooth rogue hairs and repair busted zippers in the backseats of speeding cars.

Dove Cameron

Twirls & Twists by Ravindra Singh Thakur | Book Review


A story of friendship, love, and some unfulfilled promises beyond death. Yes it's true thriller love story of Piyush and Aahna which is entangled. Piyush is a simple guy and having so many dreams for humanity. Aahna is a heartbroken girl but she completed Piyush dreams with the help of Vanshaj and Vanshaj spreads love, smile for other people. This is an immortal inspirational story. All friends give a best example of true, real and immortal friendship. This is a story of pure love not based on lust because few love stories depend on trust...dreams...understanding which compelled me to complete their love with their existence.

Two Angels by Nivedita Vedurla | Book Review 


Do you know the love story that the sea shares with the sea shore? The mighty sea travels with his companions; boats, sailors and the sea creatures together visit many destinations. When he gets tired from all his travels, he comes to the sea shore, and crashes down onto her, surrendering everything that he has. The sea shore keeps her arms wide open when he reaches for her, to soothe his tired body and take away his pain. The moment he is relieved of his pain, he longs to go back, and the seashore lets him go. The love that Arun and Esha share is just like that between the sea and the sea shore. Their relationship is short and leaves Arun devastated. Could he have found love only to lose it all to fate? Will he survive the loss? The answers take him back to Esha, and to the realization that love comes in many forms. This story is a journey to love through friendship, from loss to hope.

My Favorites from Critics' Choice Awards | 2018

The Critics' Choice Movie Awards (formerly known as the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award) is an awards show presented annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) to honor the finest in cinematic achievement.

Angelina Jolie 

Monday, 8 January 2018

My Favorites from Golden Globes | 2018

Golden Globe Awards are accolades bestowed by the 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association beginning in January 1944, recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign.

Kendall Jenner

Dakota Johnson

My Favorite Looks of The December 30th - January 5th

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week. 

Victoria Justice

My Favorites from Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards | 2018

Gal Gadot

Zee Classic celebrates the best of ‘Musical Entertainer’ Nasir Hussain this January

The legendary producer- director, Nasir Hussain has given Indian audiences hit after hit. The man known to be the founder of the Indian masala film did not just set a trend but paved a path for commercial Indian cinema as it stands today. With movies like Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Teesir Manzil, Hum Kisise Kum Nahin or even his magnum opus Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, this visionary producer - director used the formula of great music + high impact drama + star power to catapult his movies to become major box-office successes and winning him the title of ‘Musical Entertainer’.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

My Favorite Looks of The December 23rd - December 29th

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.

Kate Middleton

Aishwarya Rai

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Capsules | Review

About brand:

Zenith Nutrition’s complete line of nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids.The Company utilizes its industry leading capabilities to produce superior research based formulations that optimize the nutritional value and performance for its customers.

At Zenith, the focus has always been on safety, and relying on proof of product effectiveness.While many of our products have been researched, it is vitally important to us to strike a balance between traditional medicine and modern science making us a unique dietary supplement company that can offer traditional herbal supplements, as well as those that are backed by science.

Skinutra GVC White Lotion | Review

Product description:

Technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin-Lightening, Whitening and Brightening Antioxidant power of Glutathione & Vitamin C protects the cells from free radicals responsible for melanin production and skin blemishes. Glutathione works on skin blemishes such as moles, freckles, uneven skin tone, age spot, skin patches, spots and wrinkles The result, your skin looks soft, fair and radiant

Delta Matters Hair Matters Capsules | Review

Product description:

Delta Matters Hair Matters contains saw palmetto, gotukola, magnesiumand hair vitamin Biotin. It is also fortified with Multivitamin Complex DAM (Daily Active Multiple) Some scientific studies say saw palmetto works by reducing uptake of DHT, in your body and by blocking conversion of testosterone to DHT. Saw palmetto's possible effect onthe DHT is what gives it a theoretical benefit for treating hair loss. Biotin is most often thought of as the “hair growth vitamin.” It is an essential water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin has come to be known for its role in the health and beauty of Hair, Skin and Nails. It promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness. It also increases the elasticity of the hair's cortex, thus preventing breakage. Gotu Kola is able to drastically increase circulation to your skin, resulting in better complexion and providing more nutrients to your hair follicles and skin cells,but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Sinful Crossroads by Gaurav Talwar | Book Review


Two college friends are gearing up for their first outstation trip together, but the adventure starts much before the journey. One of them seems to be getting it all – he meets his ex in an auto, makes out on a train, becomes the love interest of another guy on a ropeway and ends up in the arms of a stranger – while the other is left wondering why. Come, travel with two immature friends whose casual trip turns into an experience of a lifetime. They lie to their parents, make friends on the way, get stuck in a haunted building, meet beautiful girls and spend their evenings listening to breath-taking experiences of strangers. But when they finally breathe after a series of adventures, they aren't the same anymore. Sinful Crossroads is a story of how random things sometimes add up to make for the most important life-lessons.

Shit Happens!: Desi Boy in America by Karan Puri | Book Review


Anurag Sinha, a thoroughbred nerd, leads a cocooned life, confined more or less to the four walls of his room. A one-of-a-kind dad, a weepy mother and weird relatives complete his life. Average girls ignore him, hot girls bully him and school studs abuse him. His Delhi existence goes on until the big day arrives. Our hero gets a scholarship. To University of Rochester. To New York. To united States of Bloody AMERICA! Life must only look uphill from now on. America must be at least hundred times better than india. A roller-coaster American ride leads our desi boy to an exeptional journey rippling with twists and turns. Nonchalant blondes, mugless washrooms, strange slangs, good-hearted friends, beefy encounters, boozy nights and even a white girlfriend ??? America shows Anurag itself in all its psychedelic craziness. But dreams and roller-coaster rides don't go on forever. What will happen to our hero? Will he return to his life in India or will he stay on? Dream on!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Nice Men Finish Last by Pravesh Vir Siddhu | Book Review


Bad ones get into the pants, whereas the good ones get friend-zoned.Bad ones have a blast and the good ones suffer.Bad boys take it all, while Nice Men Finish Last.Nandu pays an unfair price for being nice; he is dumped by his girlfriend.Depressed by the brutal break-up, he follows in the footsteps of his womanizer friend Sattu, who firmly believes that nothing good ever happens to a nice man.Duly brainwashed to shed his lovelorn avatar, along with the skin of the nice man, Nandu gets a character reboot. Things change rapidly, as he uses lies and all the unfair means to score girls. It works wonders for him till he realizes how powerful karma is. That makes him come out of this transitional filthy state, choosing to become a nice man again.That's when he falls in love with Tanishq – a beautiful dentistry student.Will he be able to win her heart being a nice man or do nice men really always finish last?

Super Couples by Prachi Garg | Book Review


In an era booming with the 'Start-up' trend and loving this new attitude of breaking boundaries and conventions of a career, one also faces the challenge of being able to partner up with the right people. In lieu of reliable and trustworthy partners, real life couples in relationships have started exploring the idea of partnering up in business too!
Speaking to various couple-preneurs, one realizes that the myth about mixing work and home is just as misty as the one about needing a stable and conventional job for an ambitious career. These dynamic
start-ups break stereotypes and cover a varied range of services: ecommerce, innovative gifts, eco-friendly products, health care solutions, social responsibility ventures, event management, digital
solutions and many others.
SuperCouples brings out such lovely stories of enterprising couples. After all, when great minds come together to produce something built on conjoined dreams, the result is eminently successful.

Super Women by Prachi Garg | Book Review


In a nation that reveres women as goddesses of wealth, knowledge, power and infinite energy, there are a few who have gone on to prove why. Not only have they carved a niche for their talent, but have also inspired and empowered many others in the process.

This book brings forth the stories of twenty women entrepreneurs who have struck a perfect personal-professional harmony, and a chord with their immediate consumers. Their innovative ventures encompass a varied range of services – from supporting victims of acid attacks, to providing free skin care solutions; from online retail of lingerie, handmade bags and fashion accessories, to eco-friendly products of everyday utility; from pet care products, to quirky merchandise; from empowering folk artists, to providing clinical assistance to those going through tough times; from image consulting to house hunting; from arty solutions, to innovative marketing and corporate communication; from creating happy readers to making religious ceremonies simpler – these entrepreneurs have opened avenues formerly unexplored. Superwomen is an interesting journey of how they played all their roles to perfection, aligning their families with their ambitions, showing the world their true mettle.

At The Threshold Of Love by Namita Sonthalia | Book Review


They fell in love – unknown that it had happened to them! They faced the ordeals of their lives with vigor and charm. They hurt when reality pricked their hearts – all the while, unknown of each other’s existence. But the passion that lay veiled within their hearts – would that be enough to re-write their future together?

Ahaana Agarwal, living in Bangalore, India, runs an event management company, The Threshold of Love, with partner and childhood friend Ansh. Enveloped in the bliss of creating beautiful marriages and celebrating love in the lives of her clients, she is unknown to the emotion herself. But only until business tycoon Ronit Malhotra arrives at her doorstep.

At first sight, she experiences what weak knees are and is yet unable to fathom the courage to accept that it could be love! The dream and confused rattle of the heart dwindles into disappointment when Ronit approaches her to get his wedding planned.

As fate may have it, Ronit too cannot stay oblivious to Ahaana's charm and charismatic magnetism. When things spiral out of control, the fun-loving and handsome stranger Soham Sehgal meets Ahaana at her cousin’s wedding. While destiny decides to get them married, will true love and passion make way into the inevitable and re-do what fate had already carved?

The complications and the pain that love brings are inevitable, yet the charm and grandeur of the satisfaction of being loved is incomparable. ‘At The Threshold of Love’ creates those emotions and makes you live it through, until the very last page. Once you take it into your hands, be prepared for it ‘melts your heart – one breath at a time!’