How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days | Book Review


You have a dream to achieve. You have that one idea that, if implemented, you know it will add to your success. But you are scared. You have been struggling to overcome the obstacles in your life; these obstacles could be anything or anyone.

This self-help book is your guide to moving forward in your life, to overcome those obstacles in your life, to rid your mind of those negative memories, and bring in new, more positive thought processes. This book is your guide to creating that positive change you need to succeed in life in just 21 days!

It is much more than the collection of the blog posts I had written during my Mission #WUNITT (Wake Up, Now Is The Time). As you read through the book, you will realise that you do not require any particular set of skills to deal with the reasons or things that hinder your growth. All you need is a mindset and a plan to achieve your goals.

- Learn how to feed your mind with a plan
- Learn how to use affirmations to give yourself a boost
- Learn the secrets and benefits of getting up early
- Learn how to boost your self-confidence and self-worth
- Learn how to manage your time effectively


Sara Khan

Release date:

December 22nd 2017

 I love how the author write this book. Well, I am a firm believer that a positive thought at the beginning of the day makes a huge difference, so this book is an excellent resource. Read this book for a quick shot of motivation if that's what you need. . I felt energized, supported, hopeful, and excited as I read through each page because the author has so many positive tips. This is a great book to give you ways to change your habits and start to think positive on a daily basis. A good read and one that is worth your time investment.


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