6 Tips To Winterize Your Car

There are several things you can do right now to ensure your car operates successfully throughout the winter months.

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Check the Tires 

Your tires must be properly inflated to ensure you’ll have the best possible traction as you drive along. If you will be using the same tires during the winter months, check the treads to make sure they aren't worn down.

Change Your Oil

Treat your car to fresh oil and a new oil filter in winter. It takes only small amount, but the life you save may be that of your engine. Check your car’s handbook to see what type of oil the manufacturer recommends.

Check the battery

Cold temperatures affect the chemical process inside the battery that produces and stores electricity, effectively slowing it down and reducing its ability to hold a charge.

Keep blankets and warm clothing

Getting stuck by the side of the road due to a breakdown or an accident is never a pleasant experience, but it's far worse in the depths of winter.

Check to see that lights work and headlights are properly aimed

Be prepared for an emergency with the following items:

Ice scraper
Extra clothes
Necessary medications
A first-aid kit

All these changes are useful for operating a motor vehicle in the winter months, but if you do nothing else, include an emergency box in your car.

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