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One Girl Many Lives

One Girl Many Lives brings together five writers to create five collaborative stories separated by time and space yet anchored together by life, loss, and a yearning to belong. Set in varied places but inspired by one single image, the stories explore the aftermath of momentous events that have shaped history and our times. A little girl loses her home and family in the Partition riots; another girl has to find a new home with her family in the aftermath of Black July. A young woman searches for love and companionship in New York at the turn of the millennium; a princess on the run traces back her family’s Royal roots in Paris; and an astronaut is at the center of a quest by her parents to honor her memory. Endearing, thrilling, gladdening, and heartbreaking, these stories capture how we view our identities in times of both peace and conflict. QOTD- what's your reading goal this year? Do let me know in the comments section below. I personally haven't kept any goal this year.

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