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A Sum Of Our Choices by Chaitanya Salvi | Book Review

Ashutosh is a young, renowned, and ambitious businessman; busy building a profitable business and a lavish lifestyle. He thinks that he is in total control of his thriving life, but fate doesn’t concur with him. An unexpected event turns his life upside down. Destiny manifests an unanticipated enigma and devises miseries for him to deal. What choices will he make? What karma is he going to do? Will fortune smile on him again? But one thing is for sure, Ashutosh is not going to rest until he uncovers the mystery, regains lost ground, and rebuilds his life. Author: Chaitanya Salvi Publisher: Flipping Pages Release date: 1 January 2021 No. of Pages: Paperback, 268 Pages The story is about Ashutosh Paranjape who is a young passionate businessman, who refuses to believe in fate, destiny, or karma. He had complete control of his life or at least he thought so until the series of unexpected events occurred. The book is very comprehensive, well structured so you can easily find your way around

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