Contrived Connections by Radhika | Book Review

When Sowmya invites Sivakami and Sharan for her marriage in a small Kerala village, little does she envisage that her invitation would catapult the lives of several people in different directions and change their fortunes forever! Never had Sivakami imagined in the wildest of her dreams that she would be stepping into that village again after so many years! For Sharan it meant an opportunity to gain access to some time with Sivakami and open out his heart to her. Things however don't go as per Sharan's plans. What started out as a casual vacation metamorphoses into a search for truth and draws him closer to Sivakami. A totally unexpected turn of events force Sharan to lend his shoulder to Sivakami as she pursues to set right the lives of the people who once meant the world to her. Will Sivakami succeed in her mission with Sharan by her side?


Radhika Venkat


Clever Fox Publishing 

Release date:

March 24th 2021

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 120 Pages

The cast of characters are well developed and the story line, thrilling as it is, never seems to stop. The language of the book is good enough. The storyline itself was brilliant. The narration style of the author was very detailed and impressive. This makes the story descriptive. If you are one of those people who love details of everything then this book is for you.

It was good getting to know each character separately but what’s more interesting is the secrets that Sivakami holds. This kept me gripped on this story but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. I was equally drawn in by the suspense that is created from the very beginning as by the story that the author describes in a beautiful way.

This book was both hard to put down and hard to read too much at a time-both for the same reason-it was so breathtakingly good! This is one of those rare stories I hope everyone reads and wish everyone had to. It's intriguing, entertaining and puts you right there.


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