Thursday, 28 May 2020

That Thing About You by Abhaidev | Book Review

What if co-incidences in our lives are nothing but a result of a dice thrown by some higher being?
What if, to the heavens, our lives are nothing but rows of dominos ready to be put into action?
What if we all are mere pieces of pawns carefully played upon by a cosmic chessmaster?

'That Thing About You' is an uncommon story of a common man rejected in love.

This is a story of a man walking on the path of self-discovery.

Subodh, a regular IT employee, is perceived as an immature man by everyone, but he isn't bothered until his love interest rejects him citing the same.

Although dejected and crestfallen, he soon befriends an unusual, mysterious woman who knows everything about him and seems to have all the answers.

Soon, his life goes through a lot of unexpected turns—from doubting his sanity and visiting a psychologist to a failed arranged marriage attempt made by his parents.

Everything in his life seems to be in fast-forward mode. One thing that does not change, however, is this unusual “friend” of his who refuses to reveal her identity and chooses to appear at her whim.

Who is this mysterious woman? Why is she prying into his life? Where will this strange friendship lead him? Is some impending danger awaiting Subodh or is it something else altogether?

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Unorthodox Words by Jaquia Abreu | Book Review


Poetry is just an artistic release to provide healing. This book does just that. There is a way out of depression, a way out of the dark pits of life, there is a way to stop having suicidal thoughts, there is a way. Open this book and see for yourself. Healing is available for all. Enjoy the colorful photography of nature on each page paired with each poem. This is a reminder of how beautiful this world really is. Sometimes we need that daily reminder in the dark moments.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari | Book Review


While a college student at Wharton, Jason Kothari scraped together money from family and friends to save his childhood favourite comic book company, Valiant Entertainment, from bankruptcy and bring it back to life. A few years later, he transformed Valiant into the third-largest superhero entertainment company in the world after Marvel and DC Comics and sold it for $100 million. Jason then became a professional turnaround leader and went on to transform distressed Indian Internet icons, FreeCharge and Snapdeal, helping save billions of dollars in value, and advise giants like technology investor Softbank and real estate developer Emaar, who have invested billions of dollars in India. Irrationally Passionate reveals the inside story of how a rebel, train-wreck kid transformed himself into a successful young entrepreneur and business leader who became one of the top ten paid executives in India while only in his 30s. From getting his first job as an assistant to Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, to learning strategy from champion Muay Thai fighters in Thailand, to tackling huge personal setbacks, to becoming a CEO in 60 seconds, among many other stories - Jason's inspiring journey across countries, industries and companies has something for everyone, right from students to entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs to even parents of students and entrepreneurs. Irrationally Passionate is a highly personal, authentic, open and complete account of a young entrepreneur's life. Brimming with practical advice and philosophical insights, it will force readers to reflect on how they perceive life, work, family and spirituality by giving them a fresh perspective.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Love Unexpected by Ritu Kakar | Book Review


Kaira is an independent girl, chasing her ambitions. Aveer is a strong-minded and successful entrepreneur, seeking expansion. When they get together to give wings to her venture, there are fireworks and a strange Chemistry between them. But there is something else walking along – kaira’s past. With drew’s presence looming large like the devil, kaira does not know how to accept her emotions for aveer. Her loved ones protect her from all harm fiercely, but will they succeed this time too? Amidst confusion of a promising future and the demons of the past, in trying to find faith and burying betrayal, and in the battle between kaira’s heart and her fears will love unexpected lead the way to happiness?

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Mayane by Nikhil Kapoor | Book Review


Why everything, every relationship, every feeling comes to a standstill with a question mark on its existence. Why we have to prove ourselves, our feelings ou relationship every time. Why? Why do we need reasons for everything?

Friday, 22 May 2020

Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani | Book Review


"A young girl Sia has recently finished her graduation in Law against her parent’s wishes. With absolutely no family background in the legal profession, she sets out to explore the various opportunities this not so common but upcoming field of law brings her way."

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Footprints by Nisha Tandon | Book Review


"Footprints" is a collection of my personal thoughts narrated in a poetic style. It may strike a chord and resonate with your life. You will find my poetry descriptive with vivid imagery and a flavoured undertone of subtle story telling.

Footprints as they say are impressions one creates through their walk of life. They may erase with time but leave behind precious memories. In the pages of “Footprints” I have attempted to present and preserve some of my most cherished memories. These are pure emotions straight from my heart to yours!

Saturday, 16 May 2020

My Ramyeon Girl by Nethra A | Book Review


One afternoon, Lee Jung-Su, a star at the peak of his career meets Meena at a ramyeon shop, and thenceforth things take a turn. He gradually grows to like her, but encounters racism first-hand as he falls for the Indian girl.

Celebrities don't have it easy, especially not in South Korea. His fresh approach towards acting and the consequences of his relationship with Meena changes his perspectives of black and white, of good and bad, of reality and fantasy.


Nethra A



Release date:

April 15th, 2020

No. of Pages:

Kindle Edition, 97 Pages

The story revolves around a South Korean actor who falls in love with an indian girl. The précis gives you an idea about a love story which desires you to read the book. The title is catchy and will arouse the curiosity of the readers about the story. The narration style of the author is simple and language is easy to read. You can picture every moment of this love story.

The book flowed quite well and I finished it quickly. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's in korean drama & k-pop culture.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Karmic City: The City of Lord Shiva by Hema Myer Sood | Book Review


He meditated for some time, seeking higher guidance. He declared, “Aditi, I am acknowledging your power and appreciating your magnificence. You are a soul of light, inherently divine, capable of merging with the Higher Self.” Aditi swallowed the lump that came to her throat as tears pricked the corner of her eyes. Her hair stood on end and her breathing momentarily stilled and she wondered whether she had heard him correctly. He smilingly explained, “The first word is acknowledgment. Aditi, you have to admit to yourself that you are worthy and you have the power. The second word is appreciation and you have to like that about yourself. Most people feel shy when praised; they hide it or pretend that it doesn’t exist. “The third word is magnificence because every soul of light is magnificent in his or her way. Power is simply acknowledging that you are worth it and you are an illuminated being of light. Lack of confidence is an imbalance of power. So, a true leader is all-powerful but does not intimidate or exercise control over others. He wields command for the benefit of all, seeing the whole picture and the individual. His perception is not at the expense of the individual. However, he sees the individual and the collective together, never ignoring the cry of one in the crowd.” “Since the higher energies of 2014 entered Planet Earth there have been huge dimensional shifts. There have been subtle changes in the inter-galactic vibrations that positively influence Planet Earth. The first indication is the unusual climatic changes in different parts of the world.” He said, “Aditi, most of the mountainous regions on earth have been activated in 2014. They are now emitting a new musical high-level frequency.” , “These frequencies are beyond the hearing ability of the human ear. I have earlier spoken to you about our spiritual organs; the spiritual ears can assist us. A new musical grid has been created around the earth.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Karmic City: The City of Lord Vishnu by Hema Myer Sood | Book Review


He explained, “Arjuna’s egoistic evaluation of himself as the greatest warrior was being put to test by this fratricidal war. To keep his honour and prestige intact, he was anxious to attain a victorious outcome. When he saw the vast Kaurava army, Arjuna feared defeat since their army was considerably smaller. He mistakenly assessed the fratricidal war wherein he desired a personal victory to establish his supremacy in that era as the greatest archer. He perceived himself: a single ego, fighting with other individual egos. He forgot the all-important dictum that it was one army fighting another one, wherein the cause was a glorious one since Lord Krishna sought to redress the skewed balance between Dharma and Adharma.” “In this war, neither was personal egos being assessed nor were personal issues to be sorted out. Everyone had to temporarily lose his or her egoistic individuality and merge to form one army. There are many different facets of Arjuna’s despondency. Lord Krishna silently heard every logical and convincing argument put forward by Arjuna. Arjuna was confused by Lord Krishna’s unflinching silence. The mental crisis that besieged the powerful personality of Arjuna completely transformed him. He portrayed a bewildered and confused personality, overcome with grief at the thought of committing the felonious sin of killing his clan. He loses his basic self-confidence as his traumatized nerves denounce the occurrence of a fratricidal war. His neurotic mental condition portrays a restless mind which involuntarily seeks the human frailty of escapism.” “Diverse complicated situations that life offers to us, continually is subtly comparable to a conflict on the battlefield. When you delve deeply into the subtle nuances of Lord Krishna’s philosophy, you may find yourself caught in a moral battle between Dharma and Adharma, which often strain familial relations. We have to accept every external crisis as an occasion to enhance our inner life.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Karmic City: The City of Lord Brahma by Hema Myer Sood | Book Review


The name ‘Karmic City’ is used in the same sense that Walt Whitman calls himself a “Kosmos”. In fact each of us has three Cities within us – that of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This book uses the genre of fiction to acquaint us with the gist of ancient Indian wisdom. The reader is taken step by step in easy stages so that as the story unfolds, answers come forth to the most profound questions about life, death and re-birth.

A group of people with marked human foibles and assorted emotional baggage meet and thereafter agree to meet frequently on finding that they have something to gain by it. They are at different levels of consciousness, but one of them is a highly evolved seeker of the spiritual life. He is referred to simply as the “Soul”. All the others have names emphasizing their individuality. Only the “Soul” has so gained in spirituality that he has realized that he is one with the rest of creation. He is clairvoyant and the others accept him as a sort of guru. Yet he is also a seeker and proclaims that he is not a guru. The first and subsequent meetings with him alter the lives of all the other characters.

This book has the potential to shape the lives of the readers into better human beings and be unruffled by the travails of life. It happens in easy stages and one can start at a convenient level, suitable to one’s own ability to understand. It is reminiscent of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” and is bound to be just as useful in today’s age as that great work was for a long time.