Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari | Book Review


While a college student at Wharton, Jason Kothari scraped together money from family and friends to save his childhood favourite comic book company, Valiant Entertainment, from bankruptcy and bring it back to life. A few years later, he transformed Valiant into the third-largest superhero entertainment company in the world after Marvel and DC Comics and sold it for $100 million. Jason then became a professional turnaround leader and went on to transform distressed Indian Internet icons, FreeCharge and Snapdeal, helping save billions of dollars in value, and advise giants like technology investor Softbank and real estate developer Emaar, who have invested billions of dollars in India. Irrationally Passionate reveals the inside story of how a rebel, train-wreck kid transformed himself into a successful young entrepreneur and business leader who became one of the top ten paid executives in India while only in his 30s. From getting his first job as an assistant to Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, to learning strategy from champion Muay Thai fighters in Thailand, to tackling huge personal setbacks, to becoming a CEO in 60 seconds, among many other stories - Jason's inspiring journey across countries, industries and companies has something for everyone, right from students to entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs to even parents of students and entrepreneurs. Irrationally Passionate is a highly personal, authentic, open and complete account of a young entrepreneur's life. Brimming with practical advice and philosophical insights, it will force readers to reflect on how they perceive life, work, family and spirituality by giving them a fresh perspective.


Jason Kothari


Harper Business

Release date:

11 March, 2020

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 268 Pages

The book is divided into 11 chapters. First of all, I loved the title and the cover of the book. The author goes through all the ups and downs of his social and professional life, covering all the intricacies involved during his lifetime since the childhood itself which led to the success that he has today. The book is well detailed and with lots of helpful information.

I aspire to one day become an entrepreneur, and this book gave me ideas and advice that had never crossed my mind before. The flow of the story, the authentic and often times, humble admissions by the writer gave me the feeling that I was there, that it was real and it took a lot of hard work to pull this off. The narration of the book is crisp and smooth. And I loved the way how author narrated everything in his life in a wonderful way.

It is a slow-paced book and a heavy read. You need to take some time to understand the idea and you’ll get into it. It is an easy and very informative read. I love how honest the author is about his journey and the insights given. Some pages are devoted to the reader where they are invited to journal about the topic at hand. This is an enjoyable read that gives encouragement to accomplishing more in your life than you could previously have thought possible.

I found the book very inspiring and gripping from beginning to the end. This is a great book for entrepreneurs and traditional business people alike, which teaches of strong principles and discipline that must be followed for continued success.


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