My Ramyeon Girl by Nethra A | Book Review


One afternoon, Lee Jung-Su, a star at the peak of his career meets Meena at a ramyeon shop, and thenceforth things take a turn. He gradually grows to like her, but encounters racism first-hand as he falls for the Indian girl.

Celebrities don't have it easy, especially not in South Korea. His fresh approach towards acting and the consequences of his relationship with Meena changes his perspectives of black and white, of good and bad, of reality and fantasy.


Nethra A



Release date:

April 15th, 2020

No. of Pages:

Kindle Edition, 97 Pages

The story revolves around a South Korean actor who falls in love with an indian girl. The précis gives you an idea about a love story which desires you to read the book. The title is catchy and will arouse the curiosity of the readers about the story. The narration style of the author is simple and language is easy to read. You can picture every moment of this love story.

The book flowed quite well and I finished it quickly. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's in korean drama & k-pop culture.


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