Lorelei by Jamie McCormick | Book Review

If there is one rule for lemmings, it's that lemmings do what other lemmings do. All lemmings, except for Lorelei. Lorelei looks like everyone else, but she has a hard time fitting in. When the group speeds ahead without her, she must learn to think for herself.


Jamie McCormick


Bumblebee Books 

Release date:

March 31st, 2022

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 32 Pages

This clever book drew my niece in and held her attention in a way that also made it a lot of fun for me, both in its content and absolute joy it brought to her. Now let's talk about the illustrations. Absolutely gorgeous! As an art geek myself the pages are a great way to inspire your kids to create art of their own! Definitely an awesome book for children who can’t read yet as there many colourful pictures and easy to understand for toddlers can entertain them for long time.

The vocabulary is quite simple for kids to understand. The story line is beautifully written and kids can easily get connected to it. Rather, I even enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend it for people who have kids but I think anyone would really enjoy it. This book needs to be on a bookshelf or coffee table in every home.


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