Be The Leader, Not A Boss by Dibyendu Choudhury | Book Review

In the wake of the pandemic, most businesses don't know how to pick a leader who can successfully communicate, inspire workers, and strike the correct balance between strictness and compassion. This is applied to any workplace (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and even large corporations).

  • Do you think your boss is not the right guy to motivate you?
  • Are you finding leadership problems in your organisation?
  • Do you face organisational turmoil because of strong leadership?
  • Are you finding it hard to choose the right leader?
  • Do you want to be picked up by the enterprises as their next leader?
  • What are the qualities an entrepreneur must possess steadfast in the current situation to give the organisation the next dimension with a steady growth path?
  • Are you finding it hard to find the next generation leader for the succession of your business?

If any of these questions are in your mind, go ahead and read this book to get the answers.

Dibyendu demonstrates the timeless management lessons that may be gleaned from stories written thousands of years ago. “Be the Leader, Not a Boss! 25 Secrets to be Entrepreneurial Leader” with the insights from Mythology draws on both mythological characters and contemporary stories to reveal timeless and eternal truths about what it takes to be an effective and innovative leader.


Dibyendu Choudhury


Notion Press

Release date:

October 7th, 2022

No of Pages:

Paperback, 174 Pages

Perhaps most importantly for today's stressed-out people, the author assures the teams that follow these practices can be high-performing and still achieve a nice work-life balance - something all leaders should probably aspire to for themselves and their team members. This is a straightforward, clearly written, and well-organized book. Although this is geared toward people in leadership positions, some of the advice and suggestions would be useful to anyone in any role.

The book has been divided into 25 chapters, which explains different characteristics of leadership.  It also is quite inspiring and action-oriented. I thought the book was great for its intended audience by demonstrating the importance of leadership, the different stages of management and helpful ideas to implement. The system outlined in this book will lay the foundation for everything else you ever do from this field.


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