Manufacturing by definition is, “to make something on a large scale using machinery.”  Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, manufacturing has become a very large part of the economy. Throughout this time period, many new methods of production were created in order to meet the economic demands of an expanding nation.  Additionally, new inventions in transportation and communication paved the way for the infrastructure that we are now able to freely enjoy today.

Although the birth of contemporary manufacturing occurred nearly a century ago, the manufacturing process has undergone modern upgrades with new materials that have helped to create higher equipment. One of the most useful advances in the manufacturing world has come through the use of silicone rubber manufacturer. Due to its unique properties, silicone has become a game changer in manufacturing for a number of reasons.

Silicone’s chemical structure is incredibly versatile

The beauty of silicone is found when you break down its chemical structure. By adjusting the chemical formula slightly, the structure of silicone is changed and adapted for different use. This is why silicone is used in such a wide variety of industries and products. From hair care to automotive head gaskets, and even in space exploration – silicone has proven to be a versatile element.

Silicone is extremely stable and resistant to change

Besides, its versatility, silicone is also remarkable for its stability. When manufacturing a product using injection molding, it’s important to ensure that it is going to hold up when exposed to a variety of environments. Thankfully, silicone by its nature is extremely resistant to change. Whether exposed to thermal, chemical, or electromagnetic influences, silicone remains stable and resistant to change within these volatile environments.

Silicone can be used in a wide variety of applications

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