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This book is related to mother and son endless love story. Most of the scenarios recorded in this book really occurred, mostly characters are drawn from real life. Here we go; there's nothing that can come close to the love that a Mother feels for her child, They are inherently good Moms. This is not either an action story Or an adventures one But this is definitely a roller-coaster of someone's Life. A story of a Boy, from his depression to his Happiness. This book is a Therapy to every son, who are still waiting for their Mothers. My hope is to comfort some, that they ain't alone in this. To encourage some, to help them or their loved one. It's about a Son whose wings were broken. The story will teach you; after every sun-set, there's a Sun-Rise. The Truth is yet to Reveal.


Eliyas Johnjoseph


Caroling Pen Publishing

Release date:

May 31st, 2021

No. of Pages: 


The book is about heartfelt contemporary fiction that delves into the profound and boundless love between a mother and her son. The story revolves around the real-life scenarios, portraying the inherent goodness of mothers and their unwavering affection for their children.

The narrative beautifully illustrates the transformation of a broken-winged son, teaching readers the enduring lesson that after every sunset, there is a sunrise. The story's authenticity and relatability will undoubtedly resonate with readers, encouraging them to find hope and support in their own lives or their loved ones. It takes the readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride, capturing the journey of a boy through his struggles with depression and ultimately finding happiness.

The author's poignant storytelling captures the essence of the mother-son relationship, making this book a compelling read for anyone seeking a touching and uplifting story. It's a touching tale that explores the power of love and healing. Would definitely recommend to those who find solace in stories that reveal the beauty of the human spirit.


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