Imperfect Love by Jaishree | Book Review

 “Love is a delightful feeling.  It is simple, yet difficult to comprehend.  I may idolize some people, beyond reason.  Some people may mean the world to me; even more than my siblings.  Yet, my fondness for them has to be restricted.  I can be expressive of my love,  only if I am a parent, a sibling, a partner, an offspring or a friend.  Love is, simply caring for someone, wishing for their happiness & well being,  & being around when they need you.  Can we not love someone just because we want to; because we care for them? Can we not love someone as easily as we love the sunsets, the moons & the stars?  Can we not love someone, just as another human being? Can we not love someone, just because that person means a lot,  even though we may not know why? Love is supposed to be divine then why does it need to be defined?”


Jaishree Laxmikant


Notion Press 

Release date:

December 3rd, 2021

No of Pages:

Paperback, 98 Pages

Imperfect Love is a collection of 86 poems and musings based on love, loss & heartbreak. Some make me smile, some make me sad, and many feel precisely like what lies hidden inside but am too hesitant to voice. They make me feel and they make me think. These poems were so relatable to so many points in my life that I felt myself really letting them sink in deep and reflecting on the words that were said.

Words don't have to be cumbersome, lengthy, and overly complicated to be beautiful and meaningful. I have throughly enjoyed the messages without the hard traditional lines and lengths. The author's passion towards writing her thoughts and feelings are translated into words so effortlessly which to me makes it all feel so genuine. This book was honestly a breath of fresh air. It connected with me in so many ways and I enjoyed every minute of it. I opened it and read it all in a day. The illustrations add to the sense and emotion of the poems. I have a personal love for poetry since I discovered about it. This was all about different types of love. It was great. I enjoyed it a lot. The words seem to just hit home. This is definitely a book I’d recommend  Well worth the read.

About Author:

Jaishree Laxmikant has been writing for the past five years. What started as blogs of simple expressions, soon turned into a passion and she has been writing ever since about many things apart from fiction. She loves to read, travel and spend time with her furry baby. She believes that we are all a means to a purpose and we should always help in uplifting each other without belittling ourselves.


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