I am the Moon by Sneha | Book Review

I am the Moon is an anthology of free verse and prose that reflects the different phases of life. In verse inspired by her personal experiences, Sneha tells how a woman feels in the different phases of her life including nursing a broken heart, knowing what love actually is, how important is healing to live, and moving from somehow surviving to live a more content, purposeful life


Sneha Vishwakarma


Notion Press

Release date:

January 7th, 2022

No of Pages:

Paperback, 144 Pages

Good poetry makes you feel. It is thought provoking. It is intimacy as it grips your heart. That is the best way to describe this collection: it makes you feel. And it was exactly what we all needed. This is a book of hope in the face of our perceived failings. It's a short but emotionally resonant read with poems. The collection is divided into eight sections- world, life, gloom, body, purpose, love, heal & soul.

These words remind you of our endless thoughts. The ones that are full of life, hope, darkness, anxiety and truth. We all know we have value deep within and when we process them internally we begin to live them out externally. This is a beautiful & uplifting collection, a wonderful present to buy for a friend or loved one. The poems are thoughtful, soothing, and finely crafted. The reflections between each section offer writing prompts and good lessons for living.

These poems are vulnerable yet hopeful so I’ll likely reread this book in future. I bookmarked a few poems that spoke strongly to me so I can easily return when I need encouragement. Reading this book is a delicious treat which delivers on its promise to help the reader find hope in this troubled world. A great collection of poetry and proses dealing with self-identity, mental health, and healing. For any poetry fans out there, I recommend giving this one a shot.


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