Hangover by Shilpi | Book Review


Sneha, a beautiful young woman, was too rigid to fall in love. When he gave a knock at the locked doors of her heart that were meant to keep any man from entering her life, she resisted in opening it. 

Love entered her life when she fell for Vikrant. However, life took a different turn and they parted ways. After being married to different people for a long term, they realise they are still in love with each other. There is no infidelity or cheating here, but only love. 

Hangover attempts to redefine love, and in the process, make you realise that love has no definition, that it is boundless.


Shilpi Signodia


Notion Press

Release Date:

January 1st 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 108 pages

The language is simple and lucid of this book. I felt I was a part of it as I read it. I could feel the emotions the characters were going through. There are no unwanted characters and no unnecessary descriptions. It is an easy read and an absolute page turner.

 The book is all about what this hangover means to her and why she’d never want this hangover to end. Overall it's a well-written book with a relatable story with glimpses of brilliance.


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