Graveyard Shift by Manish Mahajan | Book Review


At around midnight, I woke up suddenly. A strange sound was coming from somewhere outside in the passage. I sat up dazed. The curtains were a little ajar letting the moonlight to streak in. I got up to investigate where that noise was coming from. The passageway was almost dark, just a single lamp was left switched on for the night. The sound seemed to be coming from one of the rooms. That was strange, I thought, as there was no one else staying on this floor. All of a sudden, something moved behind me. Turning around I got the shock of my life. Some distance away, in that dreary passageway, stood a figure dressed in flowing white robes, staring hard at me.


Manish Mahajan


Half Baked Beans

Release date:

April 13th 2017

No of pages:

Paperback, 182 pages

The book consists of 7 short stories and a poem. 

The Appointment
Will a friend keep his appointment and come back from the dead? - A simple story set to flowing prose.

Honey, 'm Back!
A thundering waterfall, a tempestuous night, a lonely resort, a just married couple and a brutal murder. But wait, who said it ends like that?

Tales in the Train
Aboard an overnight train, five passengers tell each other creepy tales. One after the other, four unsettling personal encounters tumble out...and then comes the fifth tale.

A Nights in the Hastings House
Ten people arrive at Warren Hastings's erstwhile bungalow in Alipore, Kolkata to conduct a séance. Little do they know things are about to go horribly wrong.

A Doll named Wendy
Saloni picks up a seemingly abandoned doll from the ruins Bhangarb and brings it home- what proves to be a grave mistake. Tara now wants doll back, at any cost...

The Last Wish
In a singularly beautiful and majestic palace, strange noises wake up a visitor in the middle of the night. He steps out to investigate...

The Apartment on the Tenth Floor
There is something eerie about the apartment on the tenth floor. It comes to life in the middle of the night and replays a scene over and over again until...

Betal Pachisi
A vampire bangs upside down from a burning Mimosa tree. Will King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini succeed in capturing this fiend?

My personal favorite is A Night in the Hastings House. The stories kept me engaged and wanting to read more. Even after reading the book's description, it didn't feel like it was predictable, which is good. Also, the writing was very well done. Overall, I truly enjoyed this book. I'm definitely looking forward to read more from the author.


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