The Resurrection of Evil by Neelabh Pratap Singh


When an antique artefact is stolen from National Museum, Delhi, a reckless and stubborn police officer ACP Aryan is placed at the helm of the case. Uncovering each layer of the truth, Aryan discovers that the people on the hunt for the artefact are the descendants of those who are found only in the scriptures of Indian mythology- The Asuras. From the gateway of Lord Vishnu- Haridwar to God's own country- Kerala, from fiery pursuits to narrow escapes, the mystery of the artefact draws Aryan into a lethal maze of vengeance, betrayal and dreadful secrets. With time slipping out of hands like sand, Aryan must unravel the secret motive of his adversaries. Else, this story of Good vs Ancient evil might not end with the victory of Good.


Neelabh Pratap Singh



Release Date: 

January 1st 2016

No. of Pages: 

Paperback, 200 pages

The story revolves around many plots and so it takes some time to connect everything. With lots of twists and turns and you cannot suspect a single person for sure. The characters are attractive and have their duty to execute until the end. 

 The concept revolves around Good vs Evil and how Good eventually wins. The story is totally compatible with the flow of the reader’s mind. The plot is so well maintained till the end that it becomes impossible to keep down the book without ending. 


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