Beyond The Veil by Siddhi Palande | Book Review


A Lawyer by profession, Janhvi Desai has lived her life on the dictates of her family. Assuming that marriage will bring in freshness and freedom she gets married to a Mumbai based engineer, Ram. But once again faces wrath of the society. Every passing day as Janhvi Desai - Raghuvanshi, her self-esteem diminishes as her dreams get trampled upon. But while finding the meaning of her being her relationship with her estranged husband takes a beautiful turn. Between Ram and Janhvi rests a delicate secret and an irrevocable difference. But some relationships thrive despite the difference. Delve into the dysfunctional world of an Indian girl where patriarchy is villain, free will far removed, where two bruised souls meet and it is only to change the definition of soul mate.


Siddhi Palande


eBooks2go Inc

Release date:

March 25th 2017

No of pages:

Paperback, 126 pages

The writing of the author is very addictive. The curiosity as a reader rises with every turning page, and it makes me more anxious to read the next page. 

The characterization is done really well by the author.  The book takes us through each incident that shapes Janhvi’s life. The narrative is very powerful.

I would look definitely forward to read more from the author.


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