Quarter Life Crisis by Anshuk Attri | Book Review


I am Prachur, a twenty-three year old guy from Shimla and I want to tell you my story. I don’t claim that my life is particularly worth reading, especially the first twentyone years. But things did become interesting by the time I came to finish my degree in engineering. At the time I was like every other guy of my age — pretentious and clueless about my future. I loathed the very idea of a mundane job. I felt that my lack of clarity about my future was my biggest problem. Imagine what I felt when I found out that Neera, my girlfriend, was pregnant! Quarter life Crisis is the story of my coming of age and my quest for happiness.


Anushka Attri


Maple Press

Release Date: 

April 1st 2017

No. of Pages: 

Paperback, 94 pages

The characterisation of both Prachur and Neera has been done very well. I was able to read it as a cinematic experience in that descriptions and situations sounded so relatable.

I think that the title sounds catchy, but it's not completely in sync with the story line. The book deals with social issues and it has got a very strong message.

Although there is a main plot connected with many a subplot believable and kind of unpredictable.


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