Period Hacks You NEED To Know

That time of the month makes us want to eat everything, cry everywhere, punch everyone, and sleep all of the time. It can be the simplest things that make the biggest difference when you're menstruating. 

Don't let anyone stop you from pampering yourself while you're on your period. After all, your uterus is doing some serious shedding, and it ain't easy work.

Get a heating pad

Probably the most traditional and most effective of the bunch. Not only does heat feel really nice and cozy, but it stimulates blood flow and lessens pain from cramps. 

There are certain foods you can eat that will help with PMS. 

Here are a few of them: 

You can’t control the bleeding, but you can work on making cramps feel better and keeping your skin healthy.

Moves to do while flo is in town

Save your skin

Resist Caffeine

Caffeine is known to make your PMS symptoms even worse, and it's linked to elevating the levels of estrogen in the body.

Eat Less Salt

Getting cozy with the salt shaker could make you retain too much water, which leads to uncomfortable bloating.

Sleep More

The National Sleep Foundation says that 30 percent of women report lack of resting sleep while they're menstruating. This makes us cranky and less likely to make healthy choices during the day. 

Stay Hydrated

There’s more to periods than painful cramping. Bloating and fatigue is a major part of period life, but most of this is caused by the loss of water and severe dehydration. By drinking as much water as possible, you will actually avoid water retention and increase your energy levels.

Get off

If exercise is out of the question, orgasm is another great way to reduce cramping. Like with exercise, reaching orgasm triggers a release of endorphin which will naturally counteract pain, but also has the added benefit of helping to relax pelvic muscles that cause cramping in the first place. 

While it’s unlikely to become your favorite time of month, I hope that these hacks can help you have the probably the best period possible!

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