The Camphor of Night by Samir Satam | Book Review


This day, Today, when looked at from the window of Future; Wouldn't it seem golden? But today it feels like just another day. Why does all this preciousness have to pass to be seen? Why can't it get its due while it lives? Unfortunately that's the way it has always been. The Future seems to hold a certain value for The Past. But The Present seems to be like an unfinished coin. It's still incomplete to derive any worth.

The poems in this collection 'The Camphor Of Night' are little things stolen from life which found their way to a treasury box in which they lay locked for years until these little things developed a life of their own and hence they need to be set free, because now is their time to breathe.


Samir Satam



Release date:

January 1st, 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 121 Pages

This poetry collection is beautifully written with so much heart poured into it. The writing style and the language used by the author is simple. In terms of readability, it is an easy and quick read for the lazy eye but a core-moving and soul-changing read for the conscious reader.

Each poem was thoughtful and moving and an absolute joy to read. I liked how the writing easily flowed and kept me captivated throughout the book. The emotion behind the words touched my bone. I love the easy way the poet presents these thoughts and feelings. I would recommend this book to anyone who's into poetry.


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