Strangers to the Known by Divya Bhanu Vankadari | Book Review


Strangers to the Known is a book out of the ordinary and takes the reader on a fantastic journey of unraveling mystery mixed with suspense and elements of a thriller. Within its fictional context, this book takes a more in-depth look into the plot of the story, in which the protagonist struggles to solve the mystery. One clue leading to another forms the big picture and moves toward a suspenseful conclusion, leaving the reader on a cliffhanger, and allowing them to draw their own private conclusions.


Divya Bhanu Vankadari



Release date:

October 14th, 2019

No of Pages:

Paperback, 164 Pages

The front cover of the book gives the feel of thrill to look at it. It is intriguing and piques curiosity. The language is simple and we read the book with great pleasure. The author narrates well, his writing has a visual quality to it and his metaphors are so very original.

The story line is interesting and thrilling. It keeps you guessing to the very end. The characters are woven into the story in such a way that no one is discarded & everyone is important till the book finishes. It has got mystery, suspense and all the ingredients for a good thriller. Every page is full of thrills and excitement.

This book is brutally entertaining and I would definitely look forward to read other works by the author in future.


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