Inklings by Unisa Saina | Book Review


Inklings is a collection of poems that voices a common man's heart. You will feel your thoughts and emotions while going through the verses, whether it is the magnitude of colors in 'Rainbow' or the lessons of life in 'Sea Saw'. 'Voyage' takes you through the bounties of Spain, and 'Open Your Wings and Fly' uplifts your spirits.

So, take out the book with you and in the shelter of nature, ablaze your soul with the ink of Inklings.


Unisa Saina


Notion Press

Release date:

October 28th, 2019

No of Pages:

Paperback, 80 Pages

There are 50 poems found in this collection, which I can appreciate on certain days pertaining to the emotions I’m feeling in that particular moment. While I personally prefer longer poetry, I have grown to appreciate the shorter form in this era of immediacy and social media.

The poems are simple and short but very beautiful. There are so many topics covered, both light-hearted and deep. While it wasn't anything groundbreaking it was still nicely done and well worded. I recommend this book to everyone Whether you enjoy poetry or not, it’s an easy read with writings everyone can relate to!


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