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Sammy is an 80-year-old billionaire, who finds himself at the peak of his success built on a mountain of sacrifices. He decides to participate in a life he missed to live. Eleven months in a year he leaves behind his identity and money and allows his curiosity and his willingness to experience anything - death even, to take him on life-changing adventures and experiences across the world. Loaded with wisdom, surprise, humor and an eagerness to embrace life, The Wise Man Said is a collection of twelve such adventures of Sammy, where his journey becomes his greatest achievement - a life well-lived.


Priya Kumar


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Release date:

January 1st, 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 180 Pages

The book starts with Naina, who is witnessing writer's block. Then she meets Sammy, an 80-year-old man billionaire who travels the world 11 months a year without his identity and money. The book travels to different places and the experiences by him which is divided into 12 stories. Each story brings a fresh perspective to contemporary human existence and its relationships with the world around.

The cover of the book is beautiful and the title appropriate with the content. I loved the author's writing style. The language of the book is simple enough to connect with the readers. It is a very well thought out and well-written book.

My favorite paragraph from the book:


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