Happily Married, Happily Divorced by Swati Kumari | Book Review


Varushka is a young and ambitious girl, hoping to make her career before ‘settling down’ and making babies. But like always, her parents have a different plan. After tasting emotional blackmail, requests and even bribes, she is forced to make the choice between her dreams and her parents’ wish.

Her confusion vanishes when she meets Mitash. He is an eligible bachelor, living his life the way he wants, and his practical approach towards life wins her over. They are soon married and settled in Amsterdam, enjoying each other’s company and redefining love in their own special way.

But then, what leads them to a divorce, that too a happy one? Is life about making deals with one’s self, to create the destiny one wants?

Happily Married Happily Divorced will cajole you into leading a happier life and take you on a rollercoaster ride of love, surprises, and unknown adventures.


Swati Kumari


Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Release date:

May 15th, 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 184 Pages

The story is about Varushka who is a fresh graduate and secured a job in an MNC. Her parents are forcing her to settle down and get married. So she gets married to Mitash who is very understanding and helpful. Everything seemed perfect but then she got confronted by a big lie about her marriage.

The title of the book is very well in sync with the storyline. The blurb is simple but does the needful and is able to engage the readers' interest in the book. The language used in the book is very simple and easy to understand. As a reader, I felt connected with the characters of the book. The narration could have been a little better in my opinion. The simplicity in the language makes for a good read. The book portrays the complexities of life and relationships subtly and realistically. The pacing is just right and as the back stories are filled in, the novel moves at a nice, always interesting pace. 


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