Window Seat by Yashluv Virwani | Book Review


What does a Window Seat remind you of? Your apartment in a high-rise building, in the lap of your couch, a cup of chai in your hand, a song on your lips, as you watch the world outside, with its share of glittering streetlights, honks and smoke, flow? Or the incessant journeys you undertake, in buses or trains, with music digging deep in your ears, as you see miles and miles of untamed wilderness ? I want you to go back to your childhood, in the cosy arms of the eldest member in your family, who, using the threads of magic, weaved a parallel existence around you, transporting you to a place away from all the things that bind you - because that is the land where stories work - a land that has no cages, only freedom.


Yashluv Virwani


Half Baked Beans

Release date:

January 1st 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 110 Pages

The front cover of the book is very intriguing. The blurb also creates hype about the book. The book is captivating and made me finish the book in a single sitting. It's a beautiful way to distract yourself during long waits while you are out and about or while you are lounging and relaxing. In each stories, the author weaves an intricate tale each time. The stories are short, yet they’re filled with deep meaning. The author has done a great job with this book. 


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