Old Seeds Of A New Tree by Sandeep Kishore | Book Review


Poems are like mirrors; they reflect thoughts when you read them. When you close your eyes, they speak to you. They also connect with you in your own frame and then draw you out to think beyond.
Sandeep Kishore’s poems will draw you out from the normal world to a different realm. They will talk to your heart and also challenge your mind to seek higher, different altitudes.
Conflicts between the heart and mind have perhaps existed ever since the beginning of human civilization. Whether in love or in pain, to seek or to give, to understand or to imbibe, to teach or to learn, Sandeep Kishore’s poems will connect with you in your own way.


Sandeep Kishore


Rupa Publications

Release date:

September 10th 2017

No. of Pages:

Hardcover, 174 Pages

The author has a beautiful way of writing. You really grasp what the author was feeling and saying when writing this. The illustration is stunning as well. Every page of this book is beautiful and makes me so excited to turn the page. This book could be read all in once easily. I highly recommend this read for poetry lovers and as well as anyone else looking for a book written with a lot of soul. I have throughly enjoyed the messages without the hard traditional lines and lengths.


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