Can a Girl and a Boy Be… Just Friends? by Sumrit Shahi |

 Book Review


He knows everything about her, right from her favourite books to her favourite bra. She knows everything about him, right from his favourite soccer club to his favourite X-rated websites. He will complete her English homework, even at three in the night. She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys. He has her picture in his wallet. She has his number on speed dial. They talk to each other all the time. They talk about each other when they don’t talk to each other.
They can’t live without each other. Yet, they don’t love each other. They are just friends...
Can a Girl and a Boy Be… Just Friends? is a coming-of-age tale of two best friends who navigate their way through their teenage years figuring out if they are just best friends or more than that.


Sumrit Shahi


Rupa Publications India

Release date:

August 23rd 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 248 Pages

The plot was very predictable and little cliche. The characters were quite well developed, but it's the plot that kind of fell short for me. Few characters were hard to like. About half way through, I just wanted to be finished with the book already and get through it. I thought this book was alright. I think I just don't love the way the author writes. I felt like I wasn't as involved in the character's lives as I am in other books. These are just my opinions, I think others might like it more than I.


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