Aliens In Delhi by Sami Ahmad Khan | Book Review


In the near future, the ISI and RAW discover that securing the borders of Pakistan and India is the least of their problems. An extra-terrestrial race of reptiloids prepares to invade Earth — by turning our smartphones into gene-tampering weapons.
Humanity might soon be extinct.
As people in Delhi start turning into alien hybrids, India gears up to face a foe unlike any other.
From unveiling the actual reason behind the Chandrayaan mission to the truth about Osama bin Laden, this explosive geopolitical science-fiction thriller depicts how contemporary India responds to an alien invasion.


Sami Ahmad Khan


Niyogi Books

Release date:

September 10th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 300 Pages

The story gripped me from the first page and did not let go until the very last, with thrills that kept me hooked. The author's writing has a tactile visceral quality that causes you to see what he is seeing and feeling. I would Google terms and phrases and learn so much about them finding out, pleasantly, that the events described actually happened!

 It starts out great and - just when you think it can't get any better, it does. It's a good read all the way to the end. It doesn't end like the predictablility would suggest.  It is fast-paced and thoughtful at the same time. 


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