Poetry Inspired by Oliver Fantasy & Friendship by Victoria Day-Joel | Book Review


This is a story of unrequited - or perhaps unrecognised - love, told through a series of poems, all of which are inspired by the author's ‘just good friend', her muse. Each poem is followed by a few lines, explaining the thought or incident that brought it into being, which gives the reader an idea of the author's life and surroundings. Her feelings, moods and desires are examined through these verses, all attached to the one person, her friend whom she loves, as she tells him her thoughts and fantasies about him. She explains to this friend how she feels about him, but in a way which leaves the reader wondering whether the friend ever actually learned how she felt, before this book came

into being. You will find yourself hoping that he did, or at least that he has learned about it now!


Victoria Day-Joel 


Olympia Publishers

Release date:

2 October 2018

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 59 Pages


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