Chand Ehsaas by Nisha Tandon | Book Review


Nisha has tried to show different colors of life through the compilation of her poems "Chand Ehsaas ". She has expressed and woven her words with simplicity and beauty, which easily touch every aspect of life of a common man. Her poems reflect poignant and heart-touching aspects of reality.

Her poems reveal the beauty of love, heartache by separation , desire for reunion and evolution of the human vision. Her ideas have been brought to life in a simplistic attempt to uncover the real meaning of life for her readers, raising awareness of their society and how it shapes their point of view.

"Chand Ehsaas " is a collection of her personal thoughts described in a poetic style. Each poem acts as a beautiful storytelling medium guided by descriptive imagery. As she tries to preserve some of the most unforgettable memories of her lifetime, she hopes her experience will resonate with the readers’ lives.


Nisha Tandon


White Falcon Publishing

Release date:

13 September 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 210 Pages

Poems and prose seem to sink so deep into my heart and I love it! What power in feel courage and rest at the same time. That’s how I feel as I read her words and my soul saying yes yes thank you! Not a long read, but time well spent regardless. Gives you emotion and is very thought provoking. If you can't relate personally, you can probably draw on someone close to you's experiences while reading this work. The author has done a beautiful and magnificent job in conveying her feelings, emotions and thoughts. I applaud the author for sharing her vulnerability and allowing us to take a glimpse into her world.


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