Murky Girl by Vrinda Singh | Book Review

A legacy born amidst the thunder and lightning, was denied love, care and shelter. But the courage to survive, locked her misfortune in the shell of  “She”.

Avant slowly turned into the Florence of the brothel, her first home. But the years of childhood matured into tickles of sorrow and remorse. The beguiled beauty of the brothel, blessed with powers, doomed the establishment, killing hundreds of innocents including her foster mother.

When the hopes to live were disposed, mother Nature inspired Avant to stand up and find the purpose of her life. The journey of the loner Avant from this world to other have several ups and downs. But her desperate search for the denied love will tangle her in the mysteries of life.

A lesson on “Don’t judge, just follow your instincts”, will guide her journey through different dimensions. Love in disguise touches Avant, resurrecting the never heard characters and helping her control the inherent powers. Flocking from dimensions to dimensions, Avant has finally landed into the treacherous world of mummies, where she fights for her survival.


Vrinda Singh


Olympia Publishers

Release date:

28 November, 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 294 Pages

The story is about a girl who is abandoned as a baby because of her gender. Her name is Avant. She grew up in a brothel and where Deepali took care of her. At the age of 15, Avant became aware of her supernatural powers. 

The title is appropriate for the content and creates a curiousity about the book. The blurb is okay and further discloses about the content of the book. The characters were all well-drawn and I loved them. I love the way author weaves faith into fantasy and brings it all together in a gripping story! This book was a real page turner. It has just enough true aspects to make the entire story seem real. When I had to put it down, I could hardly wait to get back to it. This work is truly a masterpiece. I will be looking to read more from the author of this book.


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