Productivity Superhero by Dan Luca | Book Review


Every single day, people cry out loud that they want to change. However, what they actually want is everything and everyone else to change but themselves.

It seems rather obvious that if you change nothing, nothing changes. If that is so, then why not live a remarkable and fulfilled life that is so within your reach?

After working with several thousands of clients in the Productivity trenches, Dan Luca has been able to clearly identify the patterns that ignite Superhero Productivity in people, as well as those that block any chance of great results.

As a result, Productivity Superhero is structured to provide you:
• Bite-sized information for daily intake that is not overwhelming but easy to digest and implement right away.
• World-class strategies, tools and exercises that are science-based, time-proven and client-tested, so you don’t have to determine what works and what doesn’t.
• An ideal mix of discipline and motivation.
An antidote to an uninspired life, this book is the staircase anyone can climb when they’ve decided
they want to escape the prison of mediocrity. It will push you through the invisible glass ceiling
that is keeping you inside your comfort zone, transforming you into a Superhero!


Dan Luca


Rupa Publications India

Release date:

January 20th 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 216 Pages

The book provides a structured 30 days plan which is very easy to follow. The language is very easy to read and the author gets straight to the point with very helpful hacks. It is written in a perspective that was easy for anyone needing help with productivity. This book provides great actionable advice on how to become a more productive person. The book fulfilled my expectations, it give the motivation to change things in life, step-by-step processes of how to do it, and all the tools and support you need.

This book has changed my mindset on my time and how I spend it. It has made me more goal-oriented and has provided me with many small tips and tricks which I use every day. It was a great motivator for myself. It's a must read for anyone who is planning to revamp their day to day lifestyle in order to become more productive in life. One of the most valuable of the books I've read on managing one's day and being more productive.


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