During the Course of My Journey


During the Course of My Journey is the autobiography of a young boy whose main purpose in life was to move forward. He says that life is a railroad. If you go back on what you started, you are going to crash. Instead of going back, it is better to change tracks.

To achieve success in life, his mottos were Innovation, Action, Self-Motivation, Sustainability and Moving Forward.

This book is comprehensive and insightful. It provides information, practical advice and enormous encouragement for people with Multiple Sclerosis and for their families, helping them make the most informed choices about treatment.

Although Giri could not survive, he made his parents work on his priceless principles. Read the book to find life’s enduring lessons to keep yourself happy all the time, in all situations.


Dr. Kamala Viswanathan


Notion Press

Release date:

5 February, 2021

No. of pages:


This book so well captures the process of life and how it transitions with a terminal illness. The author also wrote about how this affects Giri's sense of self, of time, and of identity, and how he has seen that happen. It's honest and courageous, the kind of writing we need more of. Some parts were so moving I skimmed through them. I will go back and read them in depth because I want to experience and remember what this is.

This was a beautiful story that made me cry, it made me think, it made me appreciate life, and I will never be the same because I read it. I had been afraid to read this book, because it seemed so tragic he was diagnosed with such a life threatening diseases. Instead, his courage and strength made this a book I could not put down. I am grateful for this book, because it has again helped to redirect my perspective to the importance of certain aspects of life. I highly recommend this to all people who glide through life not considering the end, but also for those looking for hope as unrealistic as it may seem at times.


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