Death Is My Only Beloved by Laudeep Singh | Book Review


Of musings and nonchalant ramblings, of hope and dreams that linger on you for a lifetime, of romances untenable and our avarice for everything materialistic, Laudeep Singh speaks of it all in his free verse collection of poems, Death is my only beloved.


Laudeep Singh


Invincible Publication

Release date:

19 March 2020

No. of pages:


I have been a lifelong fan of poetry and enjoy nearly any genre you could name. The poems in the book are moving and poignant and make you think and feel the words on the page. The writing style and the language used by the author are simple. I liked how the writing easily flowed and kept me captivated throughout the book. You can really grasp what the author was feeling and saying when writing this. The illustrations are stunning as well. 

A collection of poetry in which you can actually see the raw, transformation of the author's own life. The poems are the sort that readers can truly connect with, and each person’s interpretation will be different. My favorite poem is 'The Muse of Inspiration'. In terms of readability, it is an easy and quick read for the lazy eye but a core-moving and soul-changing read for the conscious reader. A reader can easily drown and relate themselves with his thoughts. Many parts seem exactly like your feelings and thus can easily be your favorite. Needless to say, A very interesting and unique poetry collection, would definitely recommend it to others!

About author:

Laudeep Singh (born 27th August 1990) is a bilingual poet and writer from Gurgaon. A Ph.D. dropout, he holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Currently, he is working as a full-time ghostwriter and pursuing M.A. (Philosophy) along with B.Ed. Apart from that, he is a polyglot - can read, write, and speak four different languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish. Laudeep believes in living life on the razor’s edge by burning the candle of life at both ends. If he had not been a poet, he would have been a musician or a painter. After the age of 27, every year is a bonus year for him on this Earth.


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