Whether you are shooting people or products, the backdrop behind your subject can make or break your image. Cluttered backgrounds are distracting and draw attention away from your subject. And if you’re attempting to sell products online, a cluttered image may eliminate sales.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a backdrop size, including the size of your studio and the size of your subject. Portrait subjects should typically be pulled at least 3’ away from your bacdrops to prevent shadows and allow for easy lighting. Of course, the distance your subject will be from the backdrop will be altered when taking overhead or backlit/high key shots. Below, we’ll discuss both the length and width restrictions of common backdrops.

A 5-foot wide backdrop is a great size for headshots and ¾-length portraits. These backdrops are easy to manage and still only require minimal space to set up. These backgrounds are ideal for event photographers who often work in busy spaces or for photographers working in a small home studio. If when photographing a couple or baby photography backdrops .

An 8-foot wide by 4-foot long backdrop is ideal for headshots, beauty shots, and tight interviews.

With a 20-foot long backdrop, you’ll be able to cover just about every style of portraiture and product photography. These backdrops are great if you want to photograph a larger family full-length or have a video shoot that requires movement. For example autumn photography backdrop . These long backdrops are great for when you want to pull your subjects far from your backdrop as well.

There are endless choices of background color and print selections. The choice you make depends on the mood and story that you’d like to portray with your photograph or video. They have a great collection of brick backdrop cloth.


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