9 Quotes Each Flourish Day To Fascinate by Chandani Thanki | Book Review

 What are you looking for in your life, peace, satisfaction, dreams, connection, choices, novelty or anything else?

But I must say, you are currently looking for your self in the midest of your life. Because you want to find yourself first to understand your needs, and this is what this book will provide you.it will help you to understand the situation and the most important help your to understand your own self. This isn't just a self help book.

This book will give you courage to move further and further without any fear. It will help you to define your choices. It will help you to find your purpose. And it will give your dreams a wings of hope.It will realise you that you are the most valuable person, it will help your heart to calm down in the choses of life. Maybe, you just want a ear to listen.. and here i tried to give your unknown thoughts a words to understand your concern..

All the quotes and paragraphs in the book is beautifully crafted by @chandanithanki_

This book is very simple in terms of language and the quality is really good too. It's not just generic stuff thrown together. It is a very well thought out and well written book.


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