Faith's Eternal Sunshine by Aashish Gupta | Book Review


Manjiri, a devout atheist, is meeting her friend Manu after 20 years. Their conversation soon turns into an argument over God's existence, and its nature. What seemed to be a harmless debate becomes Manjiri's worst nightmare when she is trapped by Manu in a cell. Are Manu's intentions malign or is this some weird test of faith? Take a seat, buckle your belt, as you set yourself on the world's most claustrophobic, yet enlightening, journey of Manjiri. Be prepared to see life in a radically different way with this bold, edge of the seat thriller. .


Aashish Gupta

Release date:

November 9th 2018

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 175 Pages

The book is all about faith, hope and belief which revolves around the life of main characters manu and manjri. The entire story is about how latter one tries to make former one a believer. The book is filled with quotes that motivate and enlighten you. .

The narration was good, the plot was interesting and got me hooked instantly. It has certain twists which can make readers think. The story is written very well although the pace is slow. .

Favorite quote:
"There is something in the nothingness that is more valuable than the nothingness that comes with having everything." #faithseternalsunshine #aashishgupta #faith hope #god #belief #fiction #book #reader #bookish #bookstagram #booklover #books #read #moooplez #tzsblog #indianauthor #indianblogger


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