Quest for Paradise by Shuchi | Book Review

Shuchi is a literature student as well as an engineering graduate. She currently works as a business systems analyst at Cisco Systems in Bangalore. She hopes to one day embrace the pinnacle of self-evolution in the literary realm. When Shuchi isn't writing or working her day job, she edits literary pieces.





Release date:

December 8th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 116 Pages

The book is about Ishana who wanted to pursue tattooing as her career but her parents didn't appreciate it. Breaking the stereotypes and social stigmas, she carries on with what her heart feels is right. The cover of the book is beautiful. The title is very catchy as well. I liked the narrative style of the author.

The language is lucid and flowy. The author's writing style is also very captivating. The book length is short and you can finish it in 2-3 hours. The way author explained about characters in story was perfect. The different sections of the book deal with different periods of the author’s life and her emotions.

My favorite quotes from the book:
"Phoenix: A bird which rises from it's own Ashes."


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