Tales of Anasta: Love: Harley by J. R. T. Able | Book Review


The Tales of Anasta are stories compiled for the youth of Anasta. Those who aspire to become Spirit Users, if you wish to awaken your Spirit and take up the call of Spirit Users, then read these tales. They will be of significant use to you on your journey.

A word of caution: if you do not wish to embark on the path of the Spirit User, then turn away now. These stories will call upon your soul and entice you, causing you to tread where you do not wish. The call of the Spirit User is mysterious and compelling.

It is uncertain whether the people in these stories surely existed, or still do today. You will find that the people within these stories came from all walks of life. Where they come from does not matter. What matters is their walk and what they learned from it, and what you can learn from it.

There are currently ten countries that make up the wonderful world of Anasta. There have been countless Spirit Users who have walked among our lands, but this compilation will only go through those who have ascended into the realm above. The stories written here will end where they ascend, for that realm means nothing to those who haven't even begun to undertake the road of Spirit User.

I have taken the liberty of assigning the levels provided by today's Spirit Strength system to the stories of Spirit Users from Anasta's history so that the young minds reading will find it easier to understand. For those of you who don't know these are the ranks of Spirit Users, the listing of each will follow. Keep in mind that each level is stronger than the last. When you finish, you are ready to begin reading.

Stages: Awakening, Origin, Foundation, Apocalypse, and Ascension.

Enjoy and read well, young ones. These stories might save your life one day.


J. R. T. Able

No. of Pages:

Kindle Edition, 87 Pages


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