One Girl Many Lives


One Girl Many Lives brings together five writers to create five collaborative stories separated by time and space yet anchored together by life, loss, and a yearning to belong.

Set in varied places but inspired by one single image, the stories explore the aftermath of momentous events that have shaped history and our times. A little girl loses her home and family in the Partition riots; another girl has to find a new home with her family in the aftermath of Black July. A young woman searches for love and companionship in New York at the turn of the millennium; a princess on the run traces back her family’s Royal roots in Paris; and an astronaut is at the center of a quest by her parents to honor her memory.

Endearing, thrilling, gladdening, and heartbreaking, these stories capture how we view our identities in times of both peace and conflict.


Sona Grover, Ajit Yadav, Anshu Bhojnagarwala, Jithin S and Priya Bajpai



Release date:

February 14th, 2020

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 274 Pages

The stories are beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. One can expect either an unexpected twist, a smile, a tear, or anger at the end of every story. The detailing of people and the surroundings make you feel a part of the story, the characters that will stay with you forever. You get a brief view into another's world, and while sometimes you wish there was more, more often than not it's just the right amount. I love short stories and essays because I can reread them until I understand the message and appreciate the art without getting lost. Overall, it’s a beautiful book with intense characters, stories revolving around people from different parts of the world, and human emotions. This book is definitely worth the read and I'd recommend it to anyone, whether you have a strong background in short stories or are new to the genre. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the authors and their stories.

Rating- 4/5

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