dear diary

dear diary she wrote, 'I started to tell you all, in a little note

the waxing and waning brag of this weary heart.

your patience and profound understanding have stood me in good stead

right from the start.

secrets, confessions, and trespasses gravely imprinted

each note a page-turner recreated.

and if perchance someday I look upon you and say

'i am saddened with this weary musing.''

let not the luminosity of hindsight, seek reflections nor reflect

with the ravages of time, affections to grow dim, I suspect.

the dear diary she wrote, 'i have left it all behind and to you, I leave these notes,

I will read you one day and myself find, in my very own quotes'

-this beautiful poem is called dear diary & it is penned by Veera Sanjana.


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