The Unplugged Summer by George Horner | Book Review


This book is a non-fiction memoir from George, an English twenty-three-year-old, who is in pursuit of working at an American summer camp. Join him on his journey through the recruitment process. This includes job interviews with summer camp directors via Skype and the process of getting a working visa for America. This occurs while he manages all his commitments in England.

When his journey proceeds at the chosen summer camp, it becomes a fascinating account, from George, with a focus on certain characters and the antics that the campers got up to. You will be taken through the multiple emotions that every member of a summer camp experiences each summer.

This book will drive interest in people that want to travel and who want to work at an American summer camp. There is also an emphasis on the positives and negatives of technology and social media that is constantly developing and is used by the majority, everywhere in society, but has less of existence at a summer camp.



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