The Godchild by Jymi Cliche' | Book Review

The author Jymi Cliche is an artist, a writer, a rapper, and a photographer. He feels like he was targeted at birth and that he is in the center of a giant conspiracy. Those beliefs got even stronger on 9/11 which was his 23rd birthday and a day he predicted would be bad ten years in advance.

This is a look inside his mind and how he came to believe in himself and the idea that he may really be "The Godchild." It is part memoir/part psychological thriller.


The book itself is written very well and the writing style is unique. It's always great to read from whole another perspective and it was the same for this book. The reason I say this is because the book comes across as so honest account of what it feels like to experience all the triumph and trauma that the author has faced. I would definitely recommend this book to the readers. 


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