Seasons of Life by Khemlata Negi | Book Review


This book contains the diverse collection of poems that could easily connect the reader with emotions experienced in the various phases of life. This poetry collection will lead you to the introspection. Poems that would offer you an insight to the various colours of life, challenges, outcomes of our actions, the love for our grandparents, the state of women in society, the pain of separation from the loved ones, the bliss of solitude, the tale and misery of never ending wishes and curiosity of human mind, the various shades of love, the ability to transform one’s life into a masterpiece. Poems that would revive some faded moments of your life and could possibly touch your heart.


Khemlata Negi


White Falcon Publishing

Release date:

January 1st, 2018

No of Pages:

Paperback, 60 Pages

This is an incredible collection of poetry in which you can actually see the raw, transformation of the author's own life. The writing is beautiful and I really related to the topics. I feel like anyone could relate no matter the season of life that they’re in. The author very well describes the journey of life and also tells us how should we lead it. The writing is really easy with a good flow of words. As far as the contents, it was touching, motivational, and everything any women needs to read and reflect on while navigating life. I personally enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it to everyone.


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