Art of Staying Young While Growing Old by Dinesh Sahay | Book Review


When people grow old, they have to face many problems in life especially when they retire from service or business. How can they triumph over the day-to-day problems of old age? That’s what this book deals with ,and may be an eye-opener for many such people, inspiring them to make a 360-degree change in their lives. The book also deals with longevity of life. If proper care is taken right from young age regarding the health, thinking, environment and happiness index, then it will be easy to increase the longevity of life subject to precautions. Young people can begin and take charge of their lives by going through proper care of their body and mind which will surely benefit them in old age. They can take precautions right from the beginning and lead a peaceful, happy healthy and long life. The book deals with more of Do’s rather than Don’ts. With best wishes to the readers.


Dinesh Sahay


Booksclinic Publishing

Release date:

October 30th, 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 65 Pages

The title of the book is very well in sync with the content. The blurb is simple but does the needful and is able to engage the readers' interest in the book. The book is truly engaging. This is non-fiction, and I read it through in one sitting. The language is lucid and flowy. The book is well-written and well-structured. It is inspiring to read, but those looking for an advice book will find the advice buried deeply in metaphor. This is the second book of the author that I've read, and I'll keep reading until I've read all of his books. The information in this book is perfect for anyone who ever needs to be better at anything and is willing to practice teaching themselves to learn. I would recommend it to anyone who had an interest in the subject. 


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